Mass Arrests Have Already Begun

With the recent State Of the Union Address in America we find ourselves only 7 days away from a vote on the “Border Wall” and the re-opening of the government after the longest “Government Shutdown” in history. While in reality we know that the wall is already being built, and this is rather a front of the crippling Cabal and mirage for the ‘Secret War’ already taking place. With the FBI, CIA, World Leaders, and the Military Industrial Complex on the forefront of illegal activity such as, propaganda, mind control, child trafficking, assassinations, PSYOPS, satanic rituals, 9/11 and false flags alike, as well as one of the greatest acts of piracy ever taken place being maniacally orchestrated right in front of our eyes with techniques ranging from the use of spyware and “Social media” in the form of companies such as Alphabet, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Amazon, Apple, SpaceX, and Disney, to create propaganda, gather information on a large majority of the populous, suppress the truth, as well as to monitor and keep citizens in their control, along with the help of countless News Outlets colluding with the CIA who have launched one of the largest disinformation campaigns in “History” to divide, control, and further take us out of our ‘Now’. The trials for these crimes have already commenced and what we are seeing is merely the beginning of a trickle of information being released from the trials, such as Guantánamo Bay seeing a sudden revival when the Trump Administration attained office, as well as the further expansion of the Guantánamo Prison complex currently taking place, the “2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial” which when passed (January 1, 2019) puts into effect the use of Military Tribunals for those who are non military personal but are in positions to commit Treasonous crimes against the United States (e.g. House Representatives, Congresspersons, CEO’s, Ex-Presidents, etc.), the arrests and resignations of Saudi Arabian high ranking officials and “Royalty”, and Yellow Jacket protests. With the progression of 2019 and the abundance of information/disclosure coming, we will see arrests and Justice.

Continued information will be presented about the current ‘Secret War’, the people involved, the plan for mass enslavement and much more.

Three things cannot be long hidden; the sun, the moon, and the truth.

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