Exposing Deep State Child Trafficking Pt.1

With the recent drops of Qanon, we now are able to tie together the biggest Ritual Abuse and Elitist/Hollywood Child trafficking ring ever conceived. “Ray Chandler” photographed and documented these horrendous acts against humanity, such as Epstein’s Child Trafficking island (pictured below) as well she being a prime suspect in the delivering of child slaves to the “Elites”, she followed suit by fronting as a modeling agency (e.g. [Victoria’s Secret]). She has been pictured with elites, “Royalty”, an Ex-President, and countless other notorious public figures. We can conclude with the evidence at hand that this female is a major pawn of this International Child Trafficking Ring. Below is the photographic evidence linking these atrocities.

Epstein’s Child Trafficking Island’s Surveillance Cameras
Bill Clinton Photographed with Child Trafficker “Ray Chandler”
“Prince” Andrew Photographed, The “Royal” family is heavily involved in the Deep State Child Trafficking
Matthew Rosthchild Photographed With Child trafficker “Ray Chandler”
Pizza Gate Scandal. Linking Ray, Eminem, and Pdidy.
“Eminem” Photographed with Child Trafficker Chandler. In this photo she states she is either 17 or 16.
Paris Hilton and Rachel Chandler. Paris Hilton’s sister Nicky is Married to none other than James Rosthchild.
Rachel Chandler and Paris Hilton.
Brittany spears and Rachel Chandler.

The information and agenda stated will reach MSM and major public outlets in due time. We will most likely see the trial of “Ray Chandler” with the outpour of damning photographic and video evidence. Stay tuned as we further expose the Deep State and it’s atrocious acts against humanity.

Update – 9/15/19

Actress Allison Mack pleads guilty to charges in Nxivm ‘sex cult’ case

Update – 10/31/19

“Watch These Women Confront Harvey Weinstein at a Bar”

Disruption Inbound


How do they react?

God Speed

Narrative Change Inbound

Planes crashing, a Declaration of a National Emergency, Mass shootings, Intermittent Internet failures, Solar Flare warnings, and increased Military drilling. These are not mere coincidences, what you are seeing is the approaching ‘end game‘ scenario. These disturbances and disruptions will only continue to increase more and more as the collective consciousness continues to wake up to the reality of the ‘Deep State’ and its inhumane, treacherous, and perverted acts against humanity. Such as child trafficking, child slavery, Satanism, sacrifice, depopulation, genetic warfare, human experiments, UFO coverups, and the erasing of our true story. We are now seeing the unraveling of these crimes and their effects, the heat is on as the Deep State has now cornered itself with nowhere to go, they will most definitely be looking for a way to create a narrative change. This has been done in the past with mass shooting/terrorist attacks as a way to take the heat back off of “their” trail. We must stay vigilant as theres no telling what they will attempt to do.

Recent Plane Crash

Up to 22 United Nations members on board

Shooting in NZ

49 killed

20 injured

Heavy Military Drilling

Publicly increased military presence

BlackHawks across United States, as well as a heavy military presence being demonstrated in Southern California

Tensions between U.S and Iran

Intermittent Outages

Internet crashing

“Social Media’s” crashing/down

Updates/Data dumps inbound

No coincidences

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