The Truth Behind Nipsey Hussle’s Death

This begins with Dr. Sebi, a man who was known for curing “incurable” diseases, such as aids, with the power of his holistic healing methods. He states that there is only one disease and that being mucus, therefore all disease in reality, is only a build up of mucus membranes. This being the case further exposes ‘Big Pharma’ and it’s multi-billion dollar industry which is built upon peddling deadly, addictive medicines and vaccines. Dr. Sebi is also well known for his revered alkaline diet and ‘cellular vegetable compounds’, used for cellular revitalization and inter-cellular cleansing. Sadly he was eventually taken by “pneumonia” while incarcerated in Honduras on account of carrying of carrying around “50 thousand” dollars in cash on his person. While his death is suspicious in it’s own right, Nipsey’s is as well.

Dr. Sebi

Considering Nipsey was in the process of promoting and creating a documentary on Dr. Sebi’s holistic healing methods, and federal court cases questioning his claim of curing aids, both of which he won back to back proving he had in fact cured aids (which Nick Cannon has promised to finish and release).

This information delivered and marketed to an audience the size of Nipesy’s would be detrimental to the pharmaceutical industry as well as the “Deep State” and it’s massive depopulation agenda, which relies heavily upon ‘Big Pharma’ as a whole, being a very influential method of control.

Artist Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey and Dr. Sebi’s untimely deaths are of many holistic related instances, which have recently been on the rise, ranging from mysterious suicides to flat-out murder. That being said, we are on the verge of full disclosure, and we are living in biblical times. Spontaneous, ripple like effects from events will continue to emerge and disrupt the current system in place as we inch closer and closer to the climactic ‘end game’ scenario, prophesied throughout every major religion and eluded to in nearly every ancient civilization’s scripture and artwork. The time is now to align in unity and love, together we will uncover the truth.

“On a mission your worst enemy is idle time.”

-Nipsey Hussle
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