Your Money Is Worth Nothing

In 1933, the US Government put an end to the American gold standard, and officially abandoned the Gold Standard in 1971, with “President Richard Nixon” declaring the U.S Federal Reserve would no longer exchange U.S notes for gold at a fixed rate. Therefore devaluing all assets (U.S.D, etc) to the equivalent of nothing more than your trust in the United States Government. Yes you heard right, your “money” is worth nothing. In fact the U.S Federal Reserve isn’t even owned by the United States Government, all U.S dollars that are currently in circulation have been loaned to the United States Government by the World Bank, established in 1944 by the world controlling elites, as well as an immediate asset of the Satanic Rosthchild family cult. The World Bank in fact has been established to enslave us all, for the slaves of today are not working for carnivorous evil men and women in cotton fields or coal mines. They are working for Beasts at the top and are but slaves of slaves, placed behind desks, brainwashed in the classroom by thought control far below their level of operation, rendering them dependent, searching, trying to explain themselves rather than expressing the true nature of their being, which is in fact the truth they are all set on a wild goose chase to find, fed with lies and deception. Their world becomes an onion waiting to be unpeeled, further led to believe they can find happiness, sustainability, success, or even a clear conscious within the acquisition of this fruitless concept, perpetuated by corrupt politicians, the Main Stream Media, Deep State, and “World Leaders”, who sold their lives to this wicked Artificial Machine. The concept being none other than the U.S. Dollar, a one way ticket to enslavement in this financial inferno.

Here are some facts regarding the Vile Financial Apparatus, created by a tentacle of the ‘Deep State’, with a complex goal of mass enslavement, financial purgatory, and unmatched control over the populous.

  1. The U.S. Federal Government is currently 22 Trillion dollars in Global Debt
  2. The Day Before 9/11, Former Secretary Of Defense Donald Rumsfeld Announced that the Pentagon was Missing 2.3 Trillion dollars
  3. There are only Five countries that do not participate in the World Banking scheme; North Korea, Cuba, Monaco, Andorra, and Liechtenstein
  4. The Federal Reserve is not owned by the U.S.
  5. The U.S Dollar has absolutely NO VALUE other than your trust and faith in the corrupt slave machine that is the U.S Government
  6. Nearly Six months after JFK amended Executive Order No. 10289 with Executive Order 11110, he was assassinated. Executive Order 11110 in effect would shift the power of distribution over the U.S Dollar from the Federal Reserve to the National Treasury. Not only would the U.S Treasury again control the distribution of the United States monetary supply, it would create Silver Bullion backed Certificates (Notes), as well as Silver Dollars. The amendment was therefore repealed quickly after his assassination.
  7. In 2008 the Banking Machine collapsed the economy with subprime mortgages and debt based loans. With the wide spread shady practice of financial entities granting large loans/mortgages at extremely high rates to people who they knew would never be able to keep up with the payments, and as well to never being able to pay off the loan off. These sharks targeted citizens with subprime FICO scores, and peddled upon them subprime mortgages. These subprime mortgages were later fused with AAA, AA, BBB, and BB rated and put into CDO’s (collateralized debt obligations). From there, companies and large investors would buy stake in these CDO’s, thinking that they were taking a part in a booming housing market, when in actuality they were fueling a burning fire, as the mortgage backed securities were defaulting. In short the Housing Market Bubble burst, triggering the 2008 financial crisis.
  8. After the 2008 financial crisis, the economy was suffering heavily from the abuse of the bankers, the solution was a massive bank bailout. “President” Bush signed the initial $700 billion dollar bailout bill on October 3, 2008. It was named the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. With payouts continuing to this day, the U.S Government has secretly allocated a total of 16.8 Trillion to “bailout” the banks.
  9. The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates seven times during Donald Trump’s presidency, in turn combating stabilized economic growth.
  10. President Trump has recently deemed the Federal Reserve as the most difficult problem facing the U.S.
  11. The Trump administration is going after control of the Fed

So that leads us here. To a choice, a fork in the road, 1 or 0. You decide if you want to wake up to the manufactured reality that has been created to enslave and siphon your energy, or to fall back asleep into that cozy little box that you’ve been given. The choice is yours.

Furthermore we will soon see either a sudden flourish of economic activity and strengthening of trade which will inevitably end in financial ruin, or the sudden crash of world markets in correlation with heightened political tensions and DECLAS evidence. As well as the current Presidential Administration’s push to stabilize the U.S. dollar with (a) (b)acked asset; (Gold) (Silver), therefore reinstating the US Dollar’s value. In the end this trap will come undone and we will be slaves of slaves no longer. But until then stay aware and in tune as we move closer to world wide revelation.

Don’t live by my words, don’t die by them, chew them slowly digest them, and smile if they give nourishment to your soul

Stanley Victor Paskavich

Update – 7/31

"Fed Cuts Interest Rates for First Time Since 2008 Crisis"

As stated above, the Trump administration is going for control of the fed and furthermore control of the American Economy.


The first major wave of Main Stream Disclosure has hit in coincidence with the Independence Day Earthquakes, led by the federal indictment of Jeffrey Epstein on counts of Serial Sex trafficking Minors and running a sex trafficking ring, recently brought to light in “un-sealed court documents”. As well as the Main Stream coverage of the Prince Andrew/Royal Family connection and the Clintons. As presented in Mass Arrest Have Already Begun, mass indictments have already commenced, and there are many more indictments to be released.

Epstein Indictment

U.S. v. Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein Arrested

Royal Family Connection

Clinton Connection


As covered in Exposing Deep State Trafficking pt.1 , Jeffrey Epstein is a known Child Predator/Abuser. With the cover of multiple “modeling agencies” (Ray Chandler) and international connections suppling children to the “elite”, as well as being a host for Child Abusive Acts that have taken place at both his private island, Florida estate and 77 million dollar New York mansion. Which in attendance involved high ranking “elites” partaking in sexual acts and sacrifices with children! These names include notorious politicians such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Prince Andrew. The mode of transport to and from the island as far as we know, consisted of flights on Jeffery Epstein’s private jet, the”Lolita Express”. Flight records have been released. The two most notable names featured being Former President Bill Clinton (shown below) and President Donald Trump.

*Bill Clinton is listed over two dozen times*

others include;

“Actor” – Alec Baldwin

Former Harvard Law Professor and American defense lawyerAlan Dershowitz

Former Israeli Prime Minister (who is running in Israels election) – Ehud Barak

Former Senator of Massachusetts – Ted Kennedy

Founder of Victoria’s Secret – Lex Wexner

Photographer and Interior Designer – Alberto Pinto (late interior designer for Epstein)

Singer – Courtney Love

Peter Soros

Philanthropist – David Koch

And nearly one thousand other names all leading back to Epstein’s hunger for abusive power. (To note, at the current moment and time we do not know for certain if all names on the flight log partook in sexual acts with minors, but they do have relevant information regarding Eptein’s activities and use of the Lolita Express) . Therefore the feds are going to want to speak with all of them. Meaning more un-sealed documents are inbound, expect to see high ranking authorities, billionaire businessmen, “modeling agents”, news anchors, and royalty to be on the forefront of the incoming wave of indictments. Specifically the Clintons, and Royal Family.


Now to elaborate on the convergence/synchronicity of the earthquakes that took place on Independence Day. Consciousness can affect seismic activity as well as the existence of technology with the capability to precisely produce earthquakes, that being the case we can formulate a scenario where the earthquake was triggered in an attempt to destroy a deep underground military base (D.U.M.B.). Which in being the case would explain the sudden evacuation of the China Lake Navy base, widely known for being and above ground cover for secret under-ground military operations. None the less, timing is symbolic, and we will see the truth come to light in due time. A more extensive article on the coming ‘Big One’ will be provided soon. Stay tuned as we further connect the dots in our matrix like reality, known as ‘The Loop’.

China Lake Navy base evacuated

David Wilcock on IT/DECLAS – Must Read!

This is only the beginning in the event of “Disclosure”. We will see the continued disclosure, unsealing and declassification of everything from UFO’s, Extraterrestrials, Secret Space Programs, and Breakaway Civilizations to Further Indictments, Prophetic Revelations, an exposé of diabolical plots to rule the world, depopulation agendas, The Shadow Government of America, Pole Shifts, and a Great Solar Flash.

Whoever sows injustice will reap calamity, and the rod of his fury will fail

Proverbs 22:8

Update 1 – 7/10

*This update will be done in minimal format considering the amount of evidence recently dropped*

Epstein’s Indictment

We are already seeing a “proffer” made by Epstein’s Lawyer. That offer being Epstein’s cooperation in the investigation, including the names of individuals that paid for activities with underage girls. In exchange for a maximum sentence to exceed 5 years. This is HUGE for the overall reveal/investigation of these horrendous crimes. With Epstein folding its only a matter of time until he releases the ‘big’ names. It only takes one domino to set off this That being said, the Clintons (and associates) should be horrified, sitting in jaw dropping fashion as they prepare to be indicted themselves. We will observe the systematic implosion of demonic deep state plots and activities that have taken place on a world stage. Perpetrated by high society individuals such as Queen Elizabeth, Barack Obama, the Palpacy/Vatican, the Rosthchild family cult, and countless other notorious individuals/organizations.

Clinton Foundation

  • What really went on in Haiti?
  • What was the money donated to the [CF]used for?
  • Who are the [CF’s]biggest donors?
  • How deep does Epstein’s involvement go?
HrC = Hillary Clinton

Update 2 – 7/25


We are looking at an attempt to silence Epstein.

Photo taken from Epstein Island Drone Footage
Blood stained mattress

More on the mass trafficking and abuse of children perpetrated by the deep state will be released with haste.

Final Update – 7/31

Guantanamo Bay

Secret Mission In U.S Capital

“Nervous and dazed Jeffrey Epstein shows no sign of injury during court appearance a week after he was found injured in cell, as judge sets next June for start of sex trafficking trial and defense reveals case has generated a MILLION pages of documents”

East of China Lake Naval Base – Near Recent Earthquake Epicenters – US Navy Jet Crashes

No Coincidences