Epstein has “died”, this being no coincidence. Jeffrey reportedly “hung himself in cell”, after Friday’s (Aug.9) release of damning court evidence related to the Epstein case, which includes BIG names and details on their tactics used to solicit and eventually have sex with underage girls. Including the naming of multiple women who assisted Epstein in the acquisition of minors for sex.

Click to access Giuffre-unseal.pdf

These women include (but are not limited to).

Ghislaine Maxwell

Sarah Kellen

Nadia Marcinkova

Following the unsealing of a federal indictment, Epstein was again being prosecuted for sex crimes involving minors (running a multi-level, organized, international child trafficking ring). Epstein was a key witness for the future trials against deep state actors (including; The Clinton “Family”, “Royalty“, and other Elite) as well as an informant for the acts that took place at Little St. James privately owned island, and various other Epstein owned estates.

Epstein’s “Privately Owned” Demonic Playground – Little St. James Island

As noted prior to his “death”, Jeffrey had supposedly attempted suicide but later appeared in court without any significant visual trauma to the neck. Also as stated, the Clinton’s and deep state are used to this (silencing enemies and threats alike, one way or another).


Don’t be fooled, [E]pstein was in fact attempting to make a plea deal, in which he would give the names of the other characters involved, as well as deeper insight into the accused ritual abuse and sexual abuse of minors enlisted by “powerful” World Dominators. Also keep this question in mind, how does someone that is being prosecuted in arguably the biggest case of the century thus far “die” on suicide watch? They don’t and that is why days ago he was REMOVED from suicide watch.

More information will be accessible shortly.



Data dump



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