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Below is why Epstein is alive or dead. The only fact being he did not “commit suicide”. Starting with the false narrative.

Remember as stated before, there are no coincidences.


[MSM] – New York Post Attempts To Cover Up Epstein Story

The “real” photo of Jeffrey Epstein, Semi-Conscious

This being a “real” photo of semi-conscious Jeffrey before being covertly transported to his next destination. The mainstream narrative is now that they were attempting to resuscitate Epstein up to his arrival at the hospital. This however differs from the original mainstream narrative that he was found dead. Also factor in the three guards who were off duty during the time of Epstein’s “death,” and the “cameras malfunctioning” during the time of his “death”. And the fact that he was in the “strictest prison in the US”.

Potential Locations of Jeffrey Epstein (most to least probable)

  • Follow the White Rabbit
  • Tel Aviv, Israel – Israeli Intelligence
  • A Deep Underground Military Base (D.U.M.B)
  • Questioning by the DOJ
  • C.I.A. Interrogation
Now this is the Fake photo of Jeffrey Epstein (note the female now, instead of male)

Above you can see the disproportioned head, in comparison to the body. You can also see that the actor pictured would have to be an approximate four to five and a half feet tall. While Epstein was recorded at around six foot tall. Epstein had distinct characteristics such as his structured nose, and carefully placed facial lines. You can also recognize the extended lip line in the fake. Also in the fake photo of Epstein, the line from his nose to his mouth is shortened and slightly curved. Meaning this a photo shopped image, that PROVES MSM is focused on controlling the narrative, not uncovering the truth. The truth in this case being that Epstein was/is being kept alive.

Nose – Major undeniable difference
Ear – You can see a photoshop failure
Eye – Different placement (lower, curved, and texturized on fake)
(Use same comparison method)

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Here are the mainstream narratives that will follow

  • Epstein was Killed – Clinton’s, DS, etc.
  • Epstein “Committed Suicide”
  • Trump had Epstein killed
  • They attempted to resuscitate Epstein after finding him “unconscious”
  • “Epstein’s Suspicious Death”

We have all the evidence we need

Everything is a scene

Find the Actors, Ask the Questions .

Big revelation on the horizon.

We know. Game on. Don’t Be fooled. And remember this. For the event about to unfold.



*Will be covering the recent organized “mass shootings”, and the truth behind them. God bless all victims. Be Vigilant.*

Update 1 – 8/14

FBI Raids Epstein Island – 8/12 – SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN


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