Do you know?

Painting in Epstein’s Home

Q: Who are “they“?

A: A fusion of dark Artificial Intelligence and a collective of demonically possessed entities that believe they are an all powerful force of world dominating “elites”. This group has been manipulating Human DNA, dreams, thought, time, and space to maintain control over the mass consciousness of humanity. These entities feed on humans, and their souls. Also using the energy created by fear, and suffering. This energy is referred to as “loosh” (Without this they have no power here. Think of them as interdimensional parasites. Humanity being the host [This all goes [somewhere]]).

Q: Where do “theyhide/operate.

A: Right in front of your eyes; Antarctica, Shadow Militaries (“Shadow CIA”), the Vatican, Governing heads across Earth, World Organizations (UN, World Bank, WHO), Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B), Whether Manipulation Facilities (HAARP), Secret Intelligence Agencies (CIA, KGB, NSA, MI6, Mossad, FBI), International Scientific Research Programs (CERN, NASA). Industry Leaders (Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Agra, Big Food), Government Backed Terrorist Organizations, and Hollywood Actors (“Popular culture”, “Mainstream“). (Envision these entities as pulling strings, from behind the curtain. All in effort to win a Galactic Chess Match). Good v. Evil.

Q: What are “they” attempting to control?

A: Time. Divine Connection to Source. “Reality” itself.

Q: How do you control the “reality” of a mass consciousness?

A: Distort “history”, instill fear. Hide technology. Instill fear, lie, divide, and propagate. Further control the data stream, and scene (narrative, actors, script). Happening Now. A constant.

Q: How do you instill fear into a consciousness?

A: You attack the mind, body, and “corrupt” the soul. Divide the masses. Sever Divine connection to Source. Warp the TRUTH. From there, the Mind and Body can be programmed.

Q: Which method of attack has been used time and time again?

A: False Flag.

Q: What is a False Flag Operation?

A: A “False Flag” operation is an orchestrated attack perpetrated by a controlling entity (controlling entity being; Deep State, Government/Foreign Government, etc.). Masked as a “mass shooting“, “rogue shooter“, or “terrorist attack“. The reason; Push a false narrative, Frame an “enemy”, divide/instill fear, Start a War, change the “pace”, Destroy evidence, etc. Notable False Flags include; 9/11, U.S.S. Liberty, Syrian Military – bombing civilians (still taking place), Notre Dame Cathedral “Fire”, and MI6 – attacking Jewish refugee ships after WWII.

Q: What is the most recent false flag attack to occur in the USA?

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