Deja Vu Who Has The Power? SO simple and SO pure Do you hear that? That Bell Do you feel that That burning passion in your heart The Weight of the World in your Gut This Burden In My Hand

Do you get IT yet?

Trump kept Pelosi and key Democrats out of the loop on the strike against ISIS leader al-Baghdadi What is the KEY? Kincade Fire: 180,000 under evacuation orders in Sonoma County, California — live updates Welcome To The Loop THE STORM IS HERE. WAVES OF ENERGY ARE BOMBARDING OUR CURRENT TIMELINE, DRIVING US INTO A GLEAMING RAY OF LIGHT, TRUTH ITSELF. Everything Has…

The One Day Plan

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE This is NOT A GAME What is Surveillance? What do they do while you sleep? What is a sandbox? Awake or Asleep? What is a MEMORY? What is school? BE Yourself – Raise The Vibration – Anchor Heaven Power Everything Is Relevant The shift CAN be completed within A day….

See Into The Future

****ARCHIVE**** THIS IS THE PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE Your Whole Life Was Scripted Welcome To The Loop Game Over. We Win Thanks For Playing!

The Mission To Save The World

Father – Son – Holy Spirit Jesus You Everything is Everything DJT Full Encode of The (L) [2020] – Key – Follow the Loop D.O.D ‘Lock It Down’ Sheep will hold you back Source =(FT)= Source Gemetria Do not Over Analyze INTERDIME Q We Know God Bless You IT is here Welcome To The Loop


Do you feel that? That right there is what we’ve come to know as, Infinite. An endless wave of Creation A vast fruitful space A force of Nature By the Hand of God Ride that Wave

It is here.

All has led up to Now, the revelation of Truth. A gateway into the Multi-Verse. Have you seen it? I bet you have. Here’s a Hint Ride the Wave.

Riding The Wave

As of ‘Now‘ we are witnessing the largest, co-ordinated “military intelligence” operation ever to take place. Nevertheless, a greater wave upon which this operation surfs, is that of Global Awakening. With the synchronistic takedown of evil puppets, that have been scattered across the Earth in unmatched positions of “power“, in turn acting as pawns that…


‘UFO’ spotted off NC’s Outer Banks, video goes viral We already knew Don’t be fooled Maintain Sight of The True Narrative This Is Disclosure Welcome To The Loop PAST CONFIRMS FUTURE The Storm


Welcome To The Loop Creation requires a Creator Thought = Download What’s Your Source? Good and Evil Dark to Light Unconscious to Conscious Who do you serve?