Riding The Wave

As of ‘Now‘ we are witnessing the largest, co-ordinatedmilitary intelligence” operation ever to take place. Nevertheless, a greater wave upon which this operation surfs, is that of Global Awakening. With the synchronistic takedown of evil puppets, that have been scattered across the Earth in unmatched positions of “power“, in turn acting as pawns that fuel a malicious, wicked, and totalitarian cabal. It is a scenario of biblical proportion, spanning throughout all of space and time. Rendering life as we know it forever changed.

“President” Trump’s Role

“President” Donald Trump is in fact an actor in a covert military operation ,Q , as well as a faucet for higher consciousness, and in turn the Creator’s truth. In doing so, every move, word, gesture, and remark plays into the game of chess that is our Now.

Exhibit a
May 11, 2018
Past Confirms Future
This is the Loop
Donald Trump meets with the “Illuminate” member known as “Mark Zuckerberg”
-Shortly After-
US senator asks Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to sell Instagram and WhatsApp

Past confirms future
“Hint of the century”
Briefings have shortened. you noticed? Awakening is inevitable. The wave will hit. Are you ready? the big one?
this is the storm
Learn the Comms
Read the map
Follow the Loop
God bless you all


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