The One Day Plan


This is NOT A GAME

What is Surveillance?

What do they do while you sleep?

What is a sandbox?

Awake or Asleep?

What is a MEMORY?

What is school?

BE YourselfRaise The VibrationAnchor Heaven


Everything Is Relevant

The shift CAN be completed within A day. For it is no longer a matter of being awake or asleep, it is a matter of life and death.

The shift is incoming, it will strike when we least expect

It is a exercise of your own Free Will

Everyone will see

But will everyone know?

Stay grounded & aware as we observe the Storm

Something Is About To Happen

Everything Has Led Up To IT

Have you read it in the news? Heard it in a song?


Welcome To The Movie of Your Life

Also known as the Loop


Circle Of Life?

We Know

Do you?

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