Dream Wars

We are engaged in a Multidimensional War, on the Mind, Body, and Spirit of every single human being on earth. fighting for the very essence of Life itself. an attempt to extinguish the flame of eternal life has been made. The implications of this reality ripple throughout every single plane of existence. including our dreams,…

How [They] [E]nslaved the Masses 101

[They] got them to Enslave Themselves [They] got them to sell their own kin You Sold Your Now for “Time“ It’s Time To Wake Up! THIS IS THE LOOP The Truth Has Been ‘Here‘ From The Beginning “Divine Geometry” Creation We WIN Be Prepared Disruption Inbound


The Truth Is Near What Time Is It Faucet Thought

What is the Loop?

11 TRUTH 11 It is your Golden Ticket, the fact that Everything ever has led up to this, THE NOW, an O’ so Grand and Godly Vibration. Consisting of everything from the floor beneath you to the Heavens above. All within The Endless Thought, Creation. God’s Infinite Expression of Love. The greatest thing ever seen….

What Time is IT?

TIME TO WAKE UP 11.11 5:5 What is Time? God‘s [Hyper-dimensional algorithm] to record/observe [The Story]? The Truth is carried within in all of us, We are the Story, We are The Plan, We are a part of God, As Is a part of us.

Faucet Thought

GOD | Mystery – Creation – [Thought] Ohm [Thought] – Creation – Mystery | Holy Trinity | The Story | Now Faucet Thought; all things, good or bad, come directly from God. Therefore everything happens for reason, and not just any reason, A GODLY, divine & perfect reason. God Bless You All. Be Yourself, Anchor…

20/20 Vision

Watch the skies ‘Waves of consciousness‘ Have you ever seen a UFO? Have you ever seen an Extraterrestrial? “DEEP FAKES” will be USED TO DISCREDIT Inbound VIDEO/PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE [Thought (frequency) Control] – “All Extraterrestrials are Evil” – [Propagated Disclosure] “Obstruction“/”Foreign Interference“ Democratic Implosion “Abuse of Power“ [VOTER-ID]

[They] Believe You Are Sheep

Obama calls out woke culture, says young people need to ‘get over that’  This is no joke, Wake Up! Pure Evil They’ve been watching you They’ve been censoring you They’ve been lying to you They are Sick We are The Cure Even with inability to Comprehend you are running the Program (Cure), by reading you…


Some call it the wheel of life Some call it Karma It is The Loop Eternal Truth We All Shine

A Blunt Statement

YOU won’t FEEL IT until you realize that you’ve ALWAYS FELT IT. The absolution is, a realization, and confirmation. A Complete ONE of ONE experience. Family is on the line, lives have been lost, this is a fight. We must PROTECT our NOW, FREEDOM, HUMANITY, and HISTORY! We have all suffered from this tyrannical rule,…