Dream Wars

We are engaged in a Multidimensional War, on the Mind, Body, and Spirit of every single human being on earth. Fighting for the very essence of Life itself. An attempt to extinguish the flame of eternal life has been made. The implications of this reality ripple throughout every single plane of existence. Including our ‘dream’s, ‘in transit’ we fly to marvelous kingdoms, and learn in other realms. [They] were jealous, [they] declared war. Down the rabbit whole we fell. Leaving everyone and everything changed forever. The Time is Now, We must STAND UP, We must COME TOGETHER, and we must untie as ONE. From the shadows we emerge, stepping into the light, we take up our divine responsibility as humans to defend the truth, as warriors of God. We will no longer submit ourselves to a mindless and evil tyranny, for WE WILL FIGHT, WE WILL ESTABLISH PEACE, and in HARMONY we will be aligned. We are restoring the divine virtue of truth on earth. through creation god will make all things manifest. he has gifted the angels, always at your side. Take upon the sword of spirit, which is the word of God. As the truth shall set you free. We will fight to [secure the bridge between worlds]. We will remember what we have been forced to forget [reality itself]. [The one day plan] God bless you all, Amen.

Categories: What's Happening Now


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