The Bindfold

Whether you see it or not we as humans go through everyday life wearing a blindfold. This blindfold is what in our minds keeps us at ease, thinking these daily activities we engage in, and these morals we follow, will lead us somewhere in life. In reality this is just a deception projected onto us by the deep state. The people, programs, and ideas put into our minds about what life should entail. This is just a form of evil. This “blindfold” so to speak, is blinding us from reality, our mission, and what we were brought to this earth by God to do. It is blinding us from our Multidimensionality as humans beings, as none of us are limited in thought, new ideas or actions. Some are just too closed-minded to realize how readily available our infinite potential is, and that all we need to do is give it some light and let IT flourish. Most of us have developed bad habits including deception of others (, selfishness, and unwillingness. This is because of the image portrayed to us through social media, the news, and all the brainwashing material that is put out there by the government or the higher power controlling us in this world. What we often times don’t realize, is that even these officials, aren’t perfect. In fact, they are far from it and are greedy. They don’t want what’s best for us! If we turn our lives over to God, he will direct our paths. We will become much happier practicing our passions as well as identifying our strengths and living life the right way. Giving back and being true to ourselves, as well as the world will bring us peace inside. -ANON NOV 2019


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