Sweet Dreams.


Keep America Great =138

Donald Trump = 138

It’s Happening = 138

Shifty Schiff = 138

Transcript = 138

Trump Pence = 131

The Chosen One = 131

John F. Kennedy = 131

Paradigm Shift = 131

Crucifixion = 131

Women For Trump = 197

Planet Hollywood = 197

Decoded Message: All eyes on US. [WW]. This is The Stage, The Movie Of Your Life. The Original Vibration gazing back upon thyself in an Act of SupremeJUDGEMENT‘, trimming what no longer serves thy Highest Image. This is the reason we have EYES to SEE, EARS to HEAR, a MOUTH to SPEAK, a TONGUE to ARTICULATE, so on and so forth. Be thyself, God made you, YOU. You are an Undefined, Immeasurable, Work of Art [Creation]. All Under God, as He is The Creator. Amen

Categories: What's Happening Now

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