The Murky Water Below

Love is everything that will ever be, as all things are done out of love. It’s the FIRE, the Burning Passion of Jesus Christ, IT IS LOVE. This is the Truth, and anything attempting to rival that truth is but a lie. To truly experience the Glory of Creation as a gift of eternal Love. We had to lock ourselves in the darkest corners of the mind, sink to lowest of lows, and to fall O’ so far from the Fruit of Truth. Tumble cold and naked into the unknown, all to Fight for the very Essence of Life Itself. The Past is but a Shadow. You are the Light, sent traveling throughout the Cosmos carrying with you THE STORY of Creation Itself. We Love You. We must come together as ONE. Amen


Love is Truth



Categories: 11, Emotion, Feeling, What's Happening Now, WRWY, [Breakthrough]

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  1. Love and blessings to you; thank you for liberating our planet from the evil that had overrun it.


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