Here you will be kept up to date on situations in coincidence with the Great Awakening. As well as synchronistic events across the Globe, all pertaining to The Loop. we will further be posting anon/autist comments (RELEVANT). ENjoy the show.
We have eyes everywhere

How are you sleeping?
What is astral warfare?
What are we fighting for?
Are you fighting in your dreams?
If you meet a demon in the astral realm, do you kill it?
Do you set an intent to accomplish a mission in your dreams?
Do you have the mindset of a warrior?
Can you astral project?
What is astrophyllite?
What can it do for your dreams?
Have you dreamt of ancient ruins?
Have you dreamt of past lives?
How much can an experience in the astral affect you in the waking world?
What skills can you hone in dreams?
What information can you acquire?
Why do you call the meat suit “real” and everything else imaginary.
Can’t you pull real things out of your imagination?
Do you volunteer your service to the Alliance?
Did you know Masons train psychics? – ORIT – B CODEX


“The flint situation has been drowned out as time has been speed up. In 2015, the MSM withdrew coverage from the story, causing many to forget about this issue… Point being the MSM has brainwashed the population, leaving them to have a short attention span and less empathy for those in need. Flint is a city where 40% of the population lives in poverty, as well as having an African American majority. This selfish nature has become the new norm for our society. However, when the media stopped coverage, people stopped caring. Coverage was only stopped about flint to direct attention away from the crisis that was orchestrated as part of population control. Danye Walling made the choice to direct the source of water away from the Detroit city water to the flint river. The Flint river, historically was used as a dumping site for pollution during the auto industry boom. The river is dark in colour and visibly does not look up to standards for drinking water. However, this was not the sole issue. The piping systems that were originally used when Flint used the river as a water source were overlooked, and suffered corrosion. Prior to releasing the water into homes, the pipes were not checked to see if the added Chlorine in the water would affect the pipes. The officials knew that the additives in the water in addition to the age of the pipes would cause harm. It was then used as a way to personally pocket money the city would be saving from the switch, Walling stated “It’s regular, good, pure drinking water, and it’s right in our backyard.” This is yet another example of population control aimed at the lowest part of American Society. There will be an exceeding amount of new situations analogous to this one administered by those who “govern” us as people. As time passes, truth will emerge. Stay Tuned.  Ride the Wave. “ -ANON 6:11 PM – 10/19

Deep State Depopulation Agenda
Social Programing?
Red Lining.
Define Ghetto.
CIA? Yes
Project Paper Clip – SAME IDEOLOGY
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