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Welcome to the Loop. We are entering the final stages of disclosure. Keep watch for the incoming “Disruption” we will see to the Economy, Government, & World. As well as the further disclosure of free energy devices, UFO evidence, False Flag Operations and exposure of Deep State programs such as the Military Industrial Complex and Secret Space Program, and the inevitable reveal of the deepest darkest atrocities that have been carried out unbeknownst to the mass consciousness. Here you will find this information gathered in a complex web of intelligence, The Loop. Where the past, present and future catalyze into an infinite plane of Creation. Known as the Now.

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Fake Baby Loop – 9/15 – Get Ready – the truth is here

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anyone and everyone can be a spy


The World Will See, What Has Been O’ so meticulously weaved

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The Stage

  • Television
  • News – Fake News
  • National Sports
  • Hollywood
  • Military
  • “D.C.”
  • MSM

Each are conduits for a larger energetic chain of command

When you give your attention to [something] you are giving it your energy, therefore giving your power of manifestation to whatever they choose – Songs, Movies, Symbolism.

What do they want you to look at?

What do they want you to think?

What do they want you to do?



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6:11 AM

You are All a part of It
Nov. 1
2:11 PM

Welcome to the Loop

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do not over analyze Find the pattern ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10:51 AM Robert De Niro Hit With $12M Sex Discrimination and Harassment Lawsuit From Former Assistant ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oct. 3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- October ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10:11 PM Speed Round. Stay Awake. God Bless --- Forever 21 files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Orchestrated Manipulation Of Worldwide Branding --- BBC Unveils First Look at 'War of the Worlds' Adaptation in Debut Trailer  PROPOGANDA Setting up the Stage - Event ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10:11 AM Final Countdown ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2:37 AM 'The Fast And The Furious' Director Rob Cohen Accused Of Sexual Assault (Report) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sep. 29 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11:12 AM Northern lights may be visible in Michigan this weekend: Where to watch ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11:11 AM Whistleblower complaint: Nancy Pelosi says Bill Barr has 'gone rogue' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10:11 AM 'Used and dehumanized': Dozens of boys found chained in Nigeria Nigeria police rescue more than 300 boys and men held in 'dehumanizing conditions' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sep. 27 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1:42 PM US military warns service members about extremist violence at 'Joker' screenings ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1:44 AM Navy confirms 3 suicide deaths of USS George H.W. Bush sailors in same week ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sep. 25 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10:11 AM Ed Buck, Democrat donor, arrested, charged with running drug den after latest guest overdose Enjoying the show? Disruption ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sep. 18 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9:36 PM FBI raids New York home of MyPayrollHR CEO as part of fraud investigation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9:11 PM Pa. state senator charged with possession of child pornography Pirates pitcher Felipe Vázquez now charged with sexual assault, faces felonies in Pa. and Fla. No Coincidences ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Closer Each Day ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4:11 PM Purdue Pharma Responds to Wave of Opioids Litigation by Filing for Bankruptcy. What Happens Now? Big Pharma Takedown ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sep. 17 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOOP DISCLOUSRE INBOUND ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8:11 PM Actress Allison Mack pleads guilty to charges in Nxivm 'sex cult' case  Tip of the Iceberg Think Haiti, Clinton Foundation, Epstein Island, EVERGREEN "Ray" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10:11 AM UK? Fake Baby? Tell Tale? What's a missing link ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sep. 15 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9:11 PM Drones just attacked the world’s largest oil refinery Drone Loop Oil Loop ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blood Trafficking ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Domino Effect ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9:11 AM -Sep 1. -Sep. 14 Daleiden reveals to court his horror of finding that ‘live beating’ hearts of aborted babies were for sale In his first-ever time in the witness stand, pro-life advocate David Daleiden testified to the disturbing details in the fetal organ harvesting industry that led him to embark on an undercover investigation of the gruesome practice. Daleiden and Sandra Merritt are charged with 15 felony counts of illegal recording of confidential communications in connection with undercover videos the Center for Medical Progress released in 2015 that provide evidence of Planned Parenthood’s illegal trafficking in baby body parts. The 30-year-old graduate of Claremont McKenna College testified he worked in investigative research with Lila Rose of Live Action, part-time in 2008 and full-time in 2010, before founding CMP in 2013. Chinese Human Trafficking - Organ Market What is a Country? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sep. 14 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9:11 PM AG announces 104 arrested during statewide human trafficking sting ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- All in the Loop SerialBrain2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7:53 PM Happening Today: Queens Terror Suspect, Huffman Sentencing, NXIVM Hearing, Harvest Moon ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7:28 PM Music Publishers Double Claims Against Peloton To $300 Million For Using Taylor Swift, Adele Song Hollywood Lawsuits - "Big Names" - [Actors, Singers, Rappers, Producers, Directors] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4:28 PM Rochester diocese, facing flood of sex-abuse claims, files for bankruptcy protection No Coincidences Key: Flood Unlocks: Storm ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4:11 PM "Trump: Energy-efficient light bulbs make me look orange" FREE ENERGY INBOUND TESLA TRUMP CONNECTION ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12:11 PM Rep. Biggs says Andrew McCabe was at heart of 'soft coup attempt' against Trump ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11:06 AM McCabe team pressures DOJ to show cards amid grand jury speculation "Show Cards" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Royal Family" Exposure inbound. Puppets on strings Who's pulling them? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sep. 13 - "Full Harvest Moon" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mock? Key Unlocks: Future Hillary's Loop ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11:39 AM Site Currently Under Attack Glitches, censorship, lags, and deletions are attributed Stay Awake ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8:39 AM The return of shock and awe: US warplanes led by F-35 stealth jets drop 40 TONS of laser-guided bombs on 'ISIS infested Iraqi island' to destroy terrorist stronghold and stop flow of fighters from Syria Theme - Island -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Sep. 12 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9:41 PM Three Bolton aides resign from Trump White House after his exit: report Clockwork ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9:40 PM Singer in boy band Forever in Your Mind, Ricky Garcia, accuses ex-manager of sexual assault Garcia's lawsuit also alleges that the manager "groomed Garcia into his personal sexual plaything that could be passed around to his friends in the business." Hollywood Exposure Is Here ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3:59 PM Purdue Pharma reaches tentative opioid settlement with some: sources Depopulation Loop ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Storm 11:37 AM French police appeal for victims, witnesses to come forward in Jeffrey Epstein probe World Wide ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sep. 11 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10:34 PM BILL GATES WORKED WITH JEFFREY EPSTEIN TO FUNNEL $2 MILLION TO MIT Welcome To The Loop ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9:36 PM Melania Trump is 'deeply concerned' about teen vaping as CDC investigates 450 cases of 'new lung disease' linked to e-cigarettes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4:11 PM ARE ALIENS REAL? ONE-THIRD OF AMERICANS THINK ALIEN UFOS HAVE VISITED EARTH ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12:11 PM MSM IN FULL NARRATIVE CONTROL ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11:14 AM JUDICIARY COMMITTEE TAKING FIRST FORMAL STEP TO DEFINE ITS IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY, HERE ARE THE PROPOSED GUIDELINES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10:02 AM MIT Media Lab chief out after 'deeply disturbing' link to Jeffrey Epstein ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9:11 AM Donald Trump Cancels Secret Camp David Meeting with Taliban ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sep. 9 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8:53 PM Soylent Green ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10:34 AM Did Mueller Help Saudi Arabia Cover Up Its Role in 9/11? "A “False Flag” operation is an orchestrated attack perpetrated by a controlling entity  (controlling entity being; Deep State, Government/Foreign Government, etc.).  Masked as a “mass shooting“, “rogue shooter“, or “terrorist attack“. The reason; Push a false narrative, Frame an “enemy”, Start a WarDestroy evidence, divide the consciousness, etc. Notable False Flags include; 9/11" And We Know ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10:30 AM Heroin Worth $148 million males U.K. Biggest Ever Seizure ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sep. 8 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7:47 AM
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9:13 PM 8chan owner vows to put website back online in congressional testimony “believes in the exceptional promise of the First Amendment” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9:52 AM "Virginia Giuffre’s lawyers slam Prince Andrew’s ‘hurtful’ denials and fake photo claims" SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sep. 6 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9:33 AM El Chapo wants his $14 billion dollar drugs fortune to be given to Mexican indigenous communities rather than the United States - as he insists the cash 'belongs to my homeland' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sep. 5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8:40 PM "Epstein case: Sealed documents could implicate hundreds" Stay Ahead of the narrative. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5:28 PM "San Francisco declares NRA a 'domestic terrorist organization' in resolution" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11:11 AM 11 Storm Eruption Ground Breaking Synchronicity & Serendipity Welcome To The Loop Are you AWAKE It is near. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10:03 AM Election Narrative Inbound ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10:02 AM "YouTube fined $170m for collecting children's personal data" FTC has fined Google $136m and company will pay an additional $34m to New York state to resolve similar allegations IT is almost here No coincidences. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sep. 4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10:19 PM Report Confirms Clinton Links To ‘Crime Against Children’ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9:28 PM Hurricane Dorian inches toward US coast as Category 2 storm; Bahamas devastated Find the Narrative. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8:58 PM "Beyond Hurricane Dorian: Three More Potential Tropical Cyclones" Us Patent 4686605 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7:43 PM Police: Epstein confidant has 'disappeared without a trace' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Created Sep, 3 7:42 AM Pacific*

Mainstream” UFO Disclosure Inbound

Reconfirmed Aug. 31, 2019

A Deconstruction of the World Controlling structure known as the “Shadow Government”

Start in top left at ‘Atlantis’

‘The Loop’ is used to describe our collectively created reality (matrix), which functions respectively similar to a Loop.

Time To Wake Up! 

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